04/21/2012 - Trifecta gallery recap

I got a chance to be a local in Vegas for the 1st time of my many trips to the sin city.
Hanging out with my KCAI homie Miguel Rodriguez and all the great folks at the Arts Factory and at Trifecta Gallery was great. Everyone was super helpful and eased my nerves on exhibiting my 1st all non-digital print show. Check out my artist page on the gallery site HERE with a ful list of my new work and details. Below are some images of the new pieces from the show. The shapes are all routed out wood and stencil painted with spray paint.I’ll post more pics of the show when they are edited.

Below is a video from the So Sincere / Graphic Havoc show at the Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas, featuring my recent paintings and the sculptures of Miguel Rodriguez

The show is up from April 5th – 28th


music and editing by JKR70
credits and animation by Shaun Teamer

Here is a behind the scenes slide show from the set up at the gallery.

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