08/27/2012 - Merchandise Jam

Everyone knows that I like to think of myself as “The Merch King”. The guy with the stuff and things, things and stuff. Sitting in the corner at venues or behind a booth at a festival, or even out of the trunk of my car. I’m  always looking for another route to place my items in people’s hands, and at a reasonable prices. I have always wanted to offer some free goodies out to my long time customers, fans, friends and family. The take one box on 39th and Bell works out good but still i would like to get more stuff.  If i can remember to do so, next summer would be a good time to pick up some new shades for everyone. Or even better some cool camo colored coozies.

It would be cool to do a nice promotional deal with a bar and use these plastics cups.

At least I know something like this won’t go to waste and will be kept around unlike the lighters that can run out or the pencils that will be sharpened to  a nub.

I’m still not set on one idea yet, and maybe that’s the problem. Too many avenues to travel and only one vehicle to put my money in.  Hopefully by next summer I will come up with some design ideas for some shades from Quality Logo Products. I’ll keep using the recycled merch like the disk magnets and other tiles but there could be some mass swag coming soon. Stay Tuned.

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