09/04/2012 - New W. 39th St mural

Earlier this summer i submitted a proposal to the W.39th St business board to get permission to paint this small parking lot barrier on 39th and Bell. The wall sat like shown in the photo below for years. I figured that i could do something cool for the hood on a small surface that wouldn’t cause too much trouble. With the approval to proceed on the mini mural I began to draw out ideas and finally settled on something that reminded me of the murals that lined the school yards in NYC. I wanted there to be a lot of movement and color to liven up the space and also be segmented to so i could add and subtract elements over time. As of now I am calling this “DONE”. But small changes will happen over time. The next big thing on this piece will be to paint the top of the wall black with chalk board paint. Hopefully that interactive element will go over ok. I will leave some chalk in my Take-One box and see who participates. Stay tuned for more photos and videos of the process.


Photos by JKR70

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