11/03/2012 - St. Joseph “Future” box

I recently won a competition and was commissioned by the Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph MO. to paint this small traffic box in their downtown area. Instead of having artist paint random cows or other goofy objects, they decided to go the practical route and paint something that was already part of the existing landscape.

Below is digital mock-up that I sent for approval and below is the actual finished box.  It’s not identical, but that’s the beauty of painting it on the spot. Adjustments can and will be made. It took me about 4+ hours do complete the whole box using the vinyl cut stencils and spray paint. There were lots of newsy type folk that stop by for mini interviews and other kids that came to see what the hype was on the corner. All in all I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. Hopefully next spring i’ll be able to return to St. Joe to do something a big bigger.

photos by JKR70

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