04/03/2014 - Middle of the Map fest mural

motm 2014 web

Final design painted in about 11hrs


center detail. I can’t take credit for designing the logo in the center but it was a cool piece of clip art from the festival imagery to use for the mural.


I am amped up the saturation on this image a bit but it really does pop in the sunlight.

motm scaffolding_01_2014 web

…keeping my balance…


Chez, the dancing assistant. Couldn’t have finished this on time without her!


This was the design that was finally approved even though i changed it quite a bit in the actual mural.


This was one concept that someone close to the festival thought would be cool. It’s a line from a Get Up Kids song.


I was in a rush to come up with an idea for the mural so i went back to some ideas i hadn’t been able to use yet and showed the committee this. This design turned out to be a little abstract for them. I guess they didn’t remember this from the skit on ATCQ’s Midnight Marauders album.

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