07/07/2014 - Sike Quest Reveiw pt. 1

I left KC on June 1st and headed west to the city of Angels. A place I had only seen in movies and through my east coast affiliation in the 90’s, apparently had beef with. ( R.I.P. B.I.G.) This is no longer the case. Through all my travels LA is the one major city that has alluded me. For one reason or another getting there either seemed like a hassle or a dream. No one was getting married out there and I didn’t have a lot of family to visit out there either. This summer was the perfect time to make it happen and visit LA for a month. What did I have to lose?

What do you need if you are going to visit a place you’ve never visited before? A place to stay would be nice. I knew about 20-30 people in LA that I could contact and see about doing some couch surfing. I lucked out and found an artist’s loft to sublet for a month downtown in the fabric district, and it was a perfect fit. Big windows, high ceilings and right next to the 10! (Good looking out Dirk and Fenny Fen!) Plus I got to spare everyone from having to step over me sleeping on their floor in the morning. Haha.

After a few days of driving with stops to visit friends, family and a highway patrolman in Roscoe, Texas, (Oh thank you officer. I had no idea license plate covers were illegal in TX. I’ll get that looked at right away sir!—then proceeds to exit the state of Texas with haste…but not too much haste..haha) I finally arrived and started on my mission.

My goals for the trip was to see as many parts of the city as I could, reconnect with friends from KC in LA, visit famous landmarks and museums and my favorite one: take flicks of all the graffiti, murals and street art I could find. I wanted to get up close and see how these super big murals that I’ve only seen on the web looked in person. I had to touch them and look close at the details. I wasn’t disappoined and enjoyed ever minute of the search and documenting process.

I think I covered a ton of places this time around, but there is still plenty to see and do on the next trip. I was able to have some great visits with art peers and gather a ton of inspiration and sun and my share of food truck tacos along with traffic jams! The trip was great and I’ve got way to many photos and stories to share so I’ll start with a few gems from the trip here below and and in the coming weeks I’ll upload more sets and share more of what I learned on the trip. Enjoy.

welcome to la

los angeles



Met up with the homies, Ces Cru, Marmo and Info Gates at Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles while they were on the Constant Energy Struggles tour.

v beach1

Venice beach with a vintage Sike sticker

korean bbq

Korean BBQ with Andrew and Ally

canyon of granduer

The Grand Canyon

home is where..

LA mural faces

LA brick mural

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