08/01/2014 - New small street paintings

I”ve taken an initiative to curate a wall that has a series of partitions built in to the building on 17th and Oak in Kansas City. These sections are about 9 x 6 feet and are the perfect size for an artist to paint in a day or less.
Working with the Kultured Chameleon gallery the goal with this wall is to showcase 9 artists at a time and have the murals rotate out every so often. Right now I am in phase one of the process and have painted some of the areas with camo pattern just so they aren’t blank during the 1st Friday art walk. Soon they will be all filled in with new pieces and i’ll posted an update. If you want to go check them out, just swing by 17th and Oak. KCMO.

megan paints camo


camo shards green

chocolate sike

megan spraying

pizza cat

sike camo grey

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