04/15/2015 - Royals Mural

This spring I was contracted by the creative services department of the Kansas City Royals to paint a mural.
The concept was to paint something abstract and timeless that captured the fun and excitement of starting a new baseball season. The mural is in two 100′ x 8′ sections of the service tunnel beneath the stadium. This area is where most players, and stadium staff would pass by during their day working at the K.  This area isn’t open to the general public, so these images are the best way to share the piece.
Part of the plan was also to celebrate the 2014 championship run with the official ALCS logo painted nice and big for all the Royals players and opposing teams to see as they pass by. It was also important to give props to the Royal who’ve had their numbers retired; George Brett #5, Dick Howser #10, Frank White #20 and even though Jackie Robinson isn’t a KC Royal, his number has been retired by MLB  to honor his breaking the race barrier in the league. (You’d be surprised at who works at the K and doesn’t know this local trivia haha) I’m happy to work on something so exclusive for the team but even more so for the support staff who keep the stadium running smoothly.
I put in 60+  hours along side my small team over the course of 8 days to finish the mural in time for opening day.
Thanks go out to Amy Kaffka, Brad Zollars,  Amanda Turk and everyone who lent a hand from the maintenance staff. It was great working with everyone. Special thanks to all my assistants  – Jahaira Aguilar, Sierra Johnson, Kayla Winter, Michelle Dreher and Adam Williams. Photography by Joel Shafer and Alan Handley. Paint by Benjamin Moore

sike royals web header

KC-logo-section    Champions-wall-small






Let's-go-close-up     crown-section




Erra painting

sike with tape

sike-spray-painting  K

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