04/11/2017 - Raised Royal Mural

I was recently commissioned for a new mural in KC to launch the 2017 baseball season and the new slogan: Raised Royal.

This was a multi party project with myself, the KC Royals marketing team, Waltz Tetrick, Boulevard Brewery with some permission from Kansas City’s city hall as well.

My guys, Mike and Ben put in about 33 hours over 5 or so days off an on to avoid the rain. The wall measures about 125′ x 20′ and is painted with mostly exterior bucket paint with several cans of spray paint on the figures and logos.

This 41 Action news did a great feature on my story behind the mural. Shout out to Rae Daniel for her patience while we worked.


Rest in peace Grandpa Holland and Uncle Keith Holland

Props to Mike and Ben for getting this wall painted so quickly!

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