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Artist Statement

I am the product clashing cultures. My father is white and my mother is black. Being bi-racial, my blended ethnicity gives me a unique perspective on society and art. The ability to be fluent in these two distinct worlds has shaped me as an artist.

Brooklyn was alive with hip-hop culture when I was a child in the ’80s. I moved to Kansas City as a youth and was, and still am very much a student of hip-hop. Through my art I channel, that essence of graffiti and hip-hop street culture using mix of digital design, collage, spray paint and stencils. From this style and perspective I make work that invokes thought on issues such as social justice, civil rights, capitalism and politics. Most of my art I see as being light handed. I don’t attempt to hit the viewer over the head with a message, but rather I invite the viewer in with my style of forms and color combinations and allow them to complete the dialog that hopefully the artwork has started.


I am a year 2000 graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute with a major in photography and new media. I channel my artist energy in many ways. When I am not working as a designer for the KIDDRC at University of Kansas Medical Center, I run my own art business under the name of Sike Style Industries, making art for clients, curating exhibitions and even spinning records on the weekends.

My love for street art and graffiti has led to work more with the community as a muralist. I am to transform bland or vandalized surfaces with colorful, positive and uplifting imagery, that the near by community can be proud of.

Clients and Collaborators

Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph Missouri

American Jazz Museum

Art in the Loop Foundation


Alzheimer’s Association of Kansas City

Beer Paws

BlkBrd Creative

Ces Cru

Charlotte Street Foundation

City Year

Data Core Marketing

Farmland Foods

Harrah’s Casino

Josey Records

Kansas City Star


KC Design week

Liquid 9

Lucid Arts

Mac Lethal

Mad Toy Design

Mattie Rhodes Center

Missouri Bank


The Pitch

Royals Baseball Club

Sewanee University

Think2wice Reords

Two Tone Press

Strange Music

Valorem Consulting




Epsten Gallery

Hot Pop, Milwaukee

Kultured Chameleon Gallery

Mulvane Institute, Topeka, KS

Paragraph Gallery

St. Mary’s College, Levanworth KS

Trifecta Gallery

University of Central Missouri


Short video about a recent collaboration with fellow artist Daniel Bartle of Lucid Arts.

Wilmas Real Good Food from Daniel Bartle on Vimeo.
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