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New backyard paintings

The weather has been nice so i decided to hit up the backyard studio to make a couple paintings. Check out the images after the jump.
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Sike Style art clearnce.

In September I will be leaving my studio downtown and i am in need to get rid of a lot of art CHEAP! Check out the details after the jump.
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Omaha was better than i expected. People are mad nice. The weather was crazy good. And the art show was insane. Ok...not that insane..but check out the new show from Leslie Diuguid after the jump.
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The Whether Machine

New music from JKR70 of Human Cropcircle fame and guitarist and singer,Clay Hughes. Check out after the jump.
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I sat down with Johnnie from GentlemanRedux dot com last week and talked art, life and randomness. Check out the full interview after the jump.
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“What do u know bout KC?” road trip project

I always wanted to sponsor a rally car! And now i kinda do! Check out the adventures of Steve and Angie after the jump. My sis Michelle at Two Tone press and I have sponsored their road trip.
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BBG crew…

I recently started sponsoring the BBG bike crew outta KC...check em out after the jump
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April 1st weekend events…

Two big events coming up this weekend...check the fliers after the jump..
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Human Nature

I was gallery sitting over at the La Esquina space this last week and collected some cool pix from the show.. check em out after the jump.
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St. Patty MO shirts avaiable in Westport.

The Bunker in Westport is now carrying the St. Patty mo tees for girls n guys. Check the details after the jump.
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